Some say that it is so easy to meet wonderful women, much easier than meeting equivalent men.

Then that makes me wonder if men and women ever share the definition of “wonderful women.” By the term women in a particular society often refer to positive, strong, independent women, whereas men perhaps mean dutiful, humble, good-wife kind of women. If so, it might be possible for the same person to be a wonderful woman and a bitch.

Simply put, things like “wonderful” are a matter of subjective evaluation. However, think about “wonderful men” or “wonderful mother.” There may not be so much of a difference in definitions, and even if any, it should not be so significant as in the case of “wonderful women.”

While this can be a hot-button issue for certain groups of people, a sweet song goes “You were wonderful tonight” and there is no reason to argue against it.

There are always some complications around women anyway…