Life is short

If you had only 24 hours before doomsday, what would you do?

See friends & family?
Withdraw all the money and go shopping?
Eat and drink as much as you can?

Bank robbery?
Say whatever you have long wanted to say?
Reveal secrets?
Feel pressed to hear the clock ticking?

I would do nothing special.
One third of the 24 hours will be used for a good sleep.
A couple of hours for meals.
If I have a loved one, it would be nice to be with him. If somebody visits me, I would be happy to spend some hours together. But it would be also totally fine with me to spend the day all by myself. If I have work, I would work. Studying may be an option, but I would rather not. I would make a cup of tea, look outside, and imagine what “the end” would be like.

Will everything freeze all of a sudden?
Burn out?
How lucky I am to be able to see the moment.

Life is short.
Life is short.
I know that.