marital status

When people say “I want to get married,” what do they mean?

Just a short while ago my friends were all singles. Then they suddenly started getting married. And these days, I make new friends with those who are married or divorced. I guess I’ve grown up a lot.

Some remain singles and they are so eager to “get married.” Hmm, what is that?

Some guy said that marriage (the first one in particular) does not necessarily take the couple’s will, but it is forced by society. If so, the forces are militating against the poor singles, with producing such a terrible pressure. The singles’ saying “getting married” may mean “being released from the pressure that the society produces.”

Wait – how about those “lucky bums” leading a happy marriage? Even though their styles vary, there still are many couples saying their marriages are working quite right. Are those people happy just because their status is “married”? I don’t think so.

If a single would like to obtain such happiness, what he/she wishes for should be to be with so-and-so, rather than his/her marital status. Otherwise it sounds to me like “Let me get away from here. Help!”

I don’t care about my marital status at all. I am sure that singles can be happy simply in a different way from married folks. However, when I find my “SO [es-oh]” with whom I wish to stay together as long as possible, AND if marriage is the most convenient, the easiest, or the only way to maintain the relationship, well, maybe, might be, why not?