an envelope

Another letter from Boston came. It was such a mysterious regular-sized envelope.

It was November when I got the first one. I was horrified at the big envelope. Then I received the second from Indiana a week later.

“I” was tempting because of the tuition. It’s cheaper than “S”, besides I got a partial scholarship. But the program at “S” seemed better for my goal, so I started drawing up the paperwork for it. Visa was issued.

A couple of weeks later, at the beginning of December, I got an email from “N”, asking if the acceptance had been received. I said no, and they sent it to me by fax.

Of course I was wondering what happened to the last one. I thought maybe it was delivery trouble or something, but since I had completed all the procedure to enter “S”, there was no point to ask them to send me the documents again.

And today, I got a letter from “B”. The envelope was much smaller than the other three I already got.

I thought, “Oh well, I finally failed one. Still marked 3-1, which is not bad.”

Surprisingly, it was a notice of scholarship award. They offered me $10,000.