1st impressions

“First impressions are most lasting.”
Okay, but is it all about appearances?

It is said that first impressions are formed within just a few seconds. Then probably the easiest way to create them would be simply judging from looks, and apparently that’s the only way for many.

I am not a critic here. I’m wondering why I just can’t do the same. Sounds too beautiful? Oh no, this is a serious problem of mine.

Whenever my friends walking beside me ask, “Hey, did you see that cute guy?” I am like “which one?”

It is also true I can’t really answer to the questions such as; “Who’s your favorite movie star?” because I don’t have any celeb acquaintances.

However, not once or twice I was told I’m rather picky and only go for good-lookings. I don’t have the slightest idea what they are talking about.

Well, let’s admit that I’m picky, because I do have some no’s. I trust my gut telling me what kinds of persons could be my close friends. I think that greatly depends on his/her way of talking. Later on, I happen to notice that s/he is not merely a wonderful person but also nice to look at.

Is it that weird if I’m very poor at recognizing appearances, so I have to take a certain period (at least more than “a few seconds”) to store the images on my brain, and then slowly start forming the impressions?

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  1. First impressions always decieve me… What shall I believe?
    People with good impressions turn out to be less atractive after a while.
    Few exceptions will be my best friends. 🙂

  2. >acha
    hmm…that's interesting. Point-deduction versus point-addition, right? 😉