Bowling for Columbine

In this movie, Michael Moore tells us America’s gun society is based on fears such as:

-a fear of religious persecution
-a fear of Indian attack
-a fear of British invasion
-a fear of slave rebellion
-a fear of black equality
-a fear of crime (which is often exaggerated by the media)

Then, what about Japan? What kinds of fears shape the “national character” of Japanese?

One of the answers could be “a fear of being ostracized.” The cookie-cutter community invented the outstanding grading system; A=same, B=common, C=similar, and F=unique.

I know it’s been changing, but there are cautious engagements in staying with the status quo just about everywhere.

Our prime minister is so afraid to be isolated that he is eager to buddy up to Mr NUMBER ONE. Friendship should never be a one-way street, though.