application fee

I got an email saying my file was still incomplete. The missing material is $30.00 application fee.

It was Sep.28 when I received the first email. It said that I had to send the application fee to complete my file, and that they are no longer able to accept foreign checks because of their banking regulations. So I emailed back and said I sent a money order, not a check.

Then on Oct.4 they asked me which department I sent the money order to. I said I included it in the packet with references and everything, so I guess I sent it to the admission office.

They said, “Great. Thanks.”

And yesterday, they emailed me again and said “We need the fee!” The title of the email was “Nov.1 deadline” and it sounded like an ultimatum. So I said if the money order was not received, I couldn’t do anything but pay through my credit card.

And today I was informed they somehow confirmed my payment of $30 fee the day before, and my file will be updated.

Oh well.
That’s the place I may be living in.